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the art of the matter

So, we love art. Like, obsessed. And when we created the woods retreat, it gave us just what we needed - lots and lots of walls across lots and lots of houses to show off our collection of Australian and International art. And so, we hope you love it too! These are pieces that we have hunted down at auctions around Australia, works we have picked up in tiny ancient laneways in florence, paintings we have found hidden in rickety old shops in the hills of Santorini, drawings we got commissioned by our favourite aussie artists, graffiti cars we had custom made  by Jasper Knight, prints of our favs we cant afford but had to feature (Olsen),  and some cool, cheap finds from the shelves of the salvos. We hope you enjoy the crazy colours, the beautiful vistas and the stunning images. Because a house without art, is just bricks and mortar. And at the woods, we are much more than that!

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