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So, you're gonna love this...when you come to the woods, it's not just beautiful cottages, cosy beds and gorgeous interiors. The outside is just as good, maybe better! There is lots to do at the property and even more to do in the local area! St Georges basin is just 1 minute away and famous for its amazing fishing - the boat ramp is 2 minutes from us! Fancy spending the day at the best beaches in Australia? No, they aren't up North. They are right here, in Jervis Bay. Just minutes away from the retreat. Whatever you fancy - markets, food, pubs, cocktails, shopping, surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, swimming, snorkeling, diving, bushwalking, yoga, fitness, gym, wineries, food tours,  - Jervis Bay has it all and so much more! You know, Im calling it - Jervis Bay is the best holiday destination in Australia! Ive called it! (potentially slightly biased, but still completely true). Come see for yourself. 

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