Why a getaway is the BEST gift you can give!

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Here at The Woods Farm we know that the best things in life are those that are priceless; Love, Family, Travel, Experiences, Life itself, the world we live in and all it holds. We hold these things with the up-most respect and our property's values revolve around them.

That's why this Christmas we want to share with you why giving the gift of a getaway to The Woods Farm is the best present you can give.

Time goes too fast

As was once put wisely, we only have 18 Summer's with our children before they're grown and the same goes for Christmas. Make the most of these moments and memories and do something special. It will give them something to genuinely anticipate, appreciate and gives the gift of funny family photos, silly stories to tell, tales to pass down and memories to hold onto FOREVER.

A Christmas to Remember

Make it a new tradition or a one off family Christmas to remember... Because... Lets face it, no one remembers the socks, scented candle or duo of bath salts they got given 2 years ago, but they will remember a holiday like this for the rest of their life. And sadly most presents become junk and the enjoyment of them soon depreciates. Memories are FOREVER, things are not and sometimes we need a gentle reminder of this.


Be the talk of the office, the school yard, your friend circle and earn yourself the bragging rights for giving the COOLEST gift this Christmas. It will have epic shock value, being completely unexpected ( just picture their faces and smiles ) and you will probably leave a few people a little in awe of your gifting abilities #YouWin

Be Together & Reconnect

We live in such a fast paced and tech savvy world, where we are all guilty of being glued to our phones and spending way to much time at work, home and after school in front of some kind of screen or device. The result is that we end up losing our-self and often miss out on those genuine connections with the ones we love. Giving the gift of a holiday together allows you to reconnect, live in the moment and simply enjoy one another' company.


Giving a getaway to The Woods Farm is a completely unique present. There's nothing else like it! It's quirky, cool and completely different. Who doesn't want to relax on 40 acres, feed miniature cows, alpacas, horses, chickens, cuddle baby goats, collect fresh eggs and enjoy picturesque gardens. There's country views, a quirky play ground and games yard or relax pool side in a cabana while the kids plash around. Not to mention, its just minutes from the worlds whitest sand beaches - HELLO bucket list, TICK!

No Fighting

We all know kids like to fight with their siblings the first chance they get and this completely takes that out of the equation. No complaining or comparing gifts... no he got/she got. Instead you will have them talking about what they're going to do when they get here.

Sustainable & Less Mess

Forget about a lounge room covered in wrapping paper and enough packaging and rubbish to fill your bin for a month. Not to mention the amount of gifts people receive that they don't actually want and just end up in landfill. Giving the gift of a holiday is sustainable and way less mess for you. Its a win win for everyone!

More Junk? No Thanks!

Don't give in to the ungodly pressures of consumerism and keeping up with the Jones' Lets face it, everyone has enough "stuff", do they really need any more? Instead of spending for the sake of spending and creating more clutter, invest your money into a holiday that everyone NEEDS and will LOVE.


Sometimes the best gift we can give is knowledge. Bring the kids to The Woods Farm and let them learn all about the animals and what farm life is like each morning, when they take part in the animal feedings. PLUS Jervis Bay has some INCREDIBLE historical sites, museums, experiences and Booderee National Park has an abundance of information about our native wild life and bushland. It will teach them sooo much and give them something to talk about and share when they get back to school.

Save Yourself Money

Booking a holiday as a Christmas gift, is the best kind of two for one. Instead of feeling the pressure to book a getaway for the holidays and buy extravagant gifts, make your holiday THE gift and save yourself the money and stress of trying to do both. Getaways are simply the gifts that keep giving.

The Woods Farm currently has a MASSIVE 40% off your next getaway, as our gift to YOU this Christmas. So if you are still searching for the perfect gift for your loved ones or yourself, NOW is the time to BOOK CLICK HERE to take advantage of this crazy cool deal - use promo code "MERRYXMAS" when booking. Min 2 night stay for dates between 3rd - 23nd December 2019

The Woods Farm is an experience and gift like no other, it's a family getaway to remember and memories to cherish for a life time.

It is 40 acres of Fun and Relaxation, just minutes from the world's famous whitest sand beaches, in a farm setting with tranquil country views and coastal breeze.

Enjoy animal feeding and farm experiences daily (including miniature cows, horses, peacocks, chickens and goats) wake up to collect fresh eggs for breakfast and start your day with cuddling a baby goat.

Ride around the property on the complimentary bikes on site or search for fairies and unicorns in the secret forest.

Kids (and kids at heart) can spend hours on end in the whimsical playground and games yard, getting creative in the art caravan or playing a game of bocce, giant chess, giant jenga and sooo much.

Sit back and relax in the outdoor bar and lounge area, with views over the property or lay by the pool in one of the cabanas.

Of a night, relax beneath the stars and what the grounds sparkle by fairy light and gather around the fire during the cooler nights, while roasting marshmallows. Enjoy fresh produce and dinner straight from the garden and make the most of the wood fire pizza oven. Tell stories, sing and laugh by the fire and know this was the best decision you've made.

The Woods Farm makes you feel like home, its just a little bit better.

Click Here to check out our quirky cool, country x lux cottages sleep up to 8 guests and are styled with bespoke and vintage themed pieces, inspired by the calm, earthy tones of native Australian bush land and evoking the serenity of country life. You will feel right at home in luxury with a fully equipped kitchen and dining, open plan living with leather lounges, board games, books, Foxtel on the flat screen and air conditioned to keep you cool on those balmy Summer nights or cosy and warm in the coldness of Winter. The marble bathroom is equipped with a hand picked selection of designer perfumes, a freestanding tub and shower to soak and spoil yourself in. The 3 bedrooms all have homely linens, furniture to make you feel comfortably at home and snuggly beds to keep you well rested for the adventures you have ahead. Outside you have your own personal fire pit, dining and lounge area with a BBQ to make the most of the picturesque views. All of our cottages are uniquely themed with the quirky cool Woods Farm feel and a touch of luxury, giving you a new experience each time you stay.

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