Discover Jervis Bay Beaches - Part 2

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Jervis Bay; home to the Word's Number ONE Whitest Sand Beach - Hyams... AND nope, we're not just throwing that out there all willy nilly - it's no word of a lie, holding top spot in the World Record Books.

While we do hold this fun little fact close to our hearts and love the bragging rights it gives us locals here in Jervis Bay, we also like to think our less "famous" beaches are some of Australia's best kept secrets, with their sparkling white sand, turquoise waters and surrounded by the ever so picturesque Booderee National Park.

So we are here to spill the beans on the Bays best kept secrets.

We started with the top end, North of Currambene Creek in Part 1. Here in Part 2 we are sharing with you all of the gems, the south side of the Bay have to offer, beginning at Huskisson and working our way to the tip of Booderee National Park.

Sooo get your bathers on, tie your adventure shoes tight and prepare to relax, swim and explore, because these little beauties are ready and waiting.

Shark Net Beach

Close to absolutely everything and hidden away in the heart of Huskisson, this is the perfect place to enjoy the beach after you do some shopping, have a bite to eat, a cool drink or a coffee and then walk minutes to this piece of paradise. With plenty of parking, a park and toilets - it's no surprise is a popular choice among all. This little cove, is sheltered with still pristine water, shade and white sand - perfect for swimming and paddle boarding.

Huskisson Beach

A popular choice when coming into Huskisson. This beach has ample parking, a picnic area and toilets. Huskisson Beach has a long strip of sand, perfect for castles and sun bathing. If you want the beach experience and some small waves, with is a must.

Moona Moona Beach / Moona Moona Creek

Moona Moona Beach & Creek are quite popular among families. With shallow clear waters, picnic area, bbq facilities, ample parking, play ground, toilets and outdoor showers. Perfect if you're looking for somewhere to bring the kids, pack a picnic and spend hours on end frolicking in the water.

Collingwood Beach

In the heart of Vincentia - Close to the Vincentia Shops, plenty of off street parking, with various access points, Collingwood Beach is a convenient beach of choice, with over 2km of sand and water to relax and play.

Orion Beach

Tucked away in Vincentia, Orion Beach is sheltered with still water, rocks, shade and sand. Great for exploring or getting away for the busier choices, you can access this little gem via footpath from Twyford Street.

Barfleur Beach

Barfleur Beach is tucked behind Plantation Point, with plenty of parking, shade, a park, toilets, shower, BBQ facilities and more close by. This spot is a well known Surf spot, when we have a decent swell in the Bay, but probably isn't a beach we would recommend for taking the kids to swim.

Nelson Beach

Nelsons Beach is one of our dog friendly beaches, with entry from Plantation Point Reserve. Close to ample parking, play ground, exercise equipment, picnic area, BBQ facilities, toilets and shower - this is the perfect place to spend hours on end for all. With plenty of white sand, small waves and a hot spot for collecting shells - bring the furbabies, family, friends or just yourself.

Blenheim Beach

Blenheim Beach is a tops the favorites with it being located conveniently in Vincentia, but surrounded by dense bushland - get the ultimate experience. The bush and rock back drop outlining the beach provides an incredible exploring experience, shade and great photos. Small waves, rocks and famous white sand and clear water mak this beach a hot spot for snokeling and swimming. Blenheims begins the White Sand Walk (highly recommend) and has an outdoor shower, amenities, play ground, BBQ and picnic area.

Greenfield Beach

Greenfield Beach offers everything you could ask for for a day at the beach; white sand, clear turquoise water, parking, toilets, shower, BBQ's, sheltered eating area and a grassy picnic area. Surrounded by picturesque bush land and mid point on the White Sands walk - there's plenty to do and see in and outside of the water.

Chinamans Beach

Chinamans Beach is well known for spotting dolphins, whales and the perfect place to watch on when the Navy is out on the Bay performing exercises. Chinamans Beach is accessed via car at the norther end of Hyams Village - often mistaken for Hyams Beach itself. With some of the worlds whitest sand but often not as crowded during the peak season as its more famous, neighboring beach. If you want to come during the busy holiday period, we suggest you take the White Sands Walk and access the beach by foot from Greenfield Beach.

Hyams Beach

What can we say about Hyams that you don't already know and havnt heard before? probably nothing! This beach holds the record as having the worlds whitest sand. Surrounded by picturesque bush backdrops, white sparkling sand in abundance and crystal clear water. We definitely think its one to mark off the bucket list - but if you're coming during peak season then probably just don't even bother. Traffic becomes congested, the village itself does not have much parking and the roads are narrow. There is only one road in and out - so they usually close Hyams off to tourists by mid morning once its at capacity. We have sooo many other amazing beaches that are well worth exploring and are just as spectacular!

Captains Beach

Captains Beach is located in Booderee National Park and runs off of Navy Base HMAS Creswell. This beach can be accessed by foot from Iluka Beach - But we suggest it's probably best to have a look from afar at Iluka and not venture onto it, given the Navy Base is not open to the public.

Iluka Beach

Iluka Beach is located in Booderee National Park. If you do not hold a National Park Pass, there will be a day fee to access past the boom gates - we think its well worth the few dollars it costs! With Stunning unspoilt native bush land, an abundance of wildlife, pristine waters and white sand, these beaches are the best of the best.

Greenpatch Beach

Located in Booderee National Patch, Greenpatch adjoins with Iluka for a long stretch of white sand, calm clear waters, kangaroos, wallabys, kookaburras and parrots. This beach has plenty to do and explore, with walking tracks, shade, picnic area and seating, BBQs, toilets and even a coffee van in the busy period. Prepare to take a short and scenic stroll on a man made footpath ( child/wheel/pram friendly ) from the car park. This beach is perfect for lazy days sun bathing and swimming.

Bristol Point

Bristol point is a small white sand beach, with rocks to explore at either end and plenty of bush to explore and shade to relax. If you want a piece of paradise without many others around - we suggest visiting this little gem.

Scottish Rocks

Beautiful displays of rocks through the pristine waters offered in Booderee National Park, Scottish Rocks is sure to not disappoint. Generally a more private and quiet beach, with stunning bush over hang and plenty of trees, shade, sun and sea.

Hole in the Wall

A stunning sheltered beach located in Booderee National Park. Hole in the Wall, has a sandstone rock wall at one end of the beach, with a "hole" in the middle creating the famous formation. Popular among photographers and anyone looking for something a little different or to mark of their travel bucket lists - this is a must to visit while staying.

Murrays Beach

This little gem, has some of the whitest sand and stunning back drops that make you feel like you're in a tropical paradise. Murrays is sheltered by Bowen and gives protection from the wind and waves, providing perfect still waters, that are renowned for snorkeling, dolphin spotting, rock pools, swimming paddle boarding and soo much more. If you have to visit one beach - this would be a top pick!

To go back and read Discover Jervis Bay Beaches - Part 1 click here. "Starting with the top end, North of Currambene Creek - that's Callala Bay Side for those not in the know. "

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