A Woods Wedding goes for at least 2 days, so we suggest you create a schedule so you can have the best two days of your life, fit everything in and give your guests the most incredible experience! Here is a sample of a Woods Farm Itinerary:

breakfast by the pool

For you next event or function at The Woods, let us cater breakfast with our continental grazing table, plus fresh bacon and egg rolls straight off the BBQ. 

We set up the whole thing inside the pool pergola and have a Woods farmer there to cook the bacon and eggs on the BBQ for your guests. 

The breakfast includes assorted juices, water, coffee, tea, breads, jams and spreads, pastries and croissants, muffins, waffles, fresh fruit,  dried fruit, nuts, granola, yoghurt, cold meats, cheese, crackers, smoked salmon, cream cheese, tomato, bacon and egg rolls, cereals and milk.

This is an additional cost, enquire and we will quote it in your package.